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Drag chain is also identified as Cable carrier.  It is a unit for binding cables, wires, air stress tubes and oil stress tubes to aid their rotation and movement. Drag chain is divided into metal drag chain and plastic drag chain.  Metal drag chain produced of metal and aluminum can be tailored.  Plastic drag chain is also known as engineering plastic drag chain.  According to the various operational environment and requirements, drag chain is divided into bridge Drag chain, fully shut Drag chain, semi-closed drag chain 3. 



1. Substance: reinforced nylon, with substantial strain and tensile load, very good toughness, high elasticity and put on resistance, flame retardant, steady efficiency at large and minimal temperature, can be utilised outside.  

two. Resistance: oil resistance, salt resistance, and a specific acid, alkali resistance.  

3. Speed and acceleration depend on operation: capable of operating at higher speeds more than long distances, and capable of acceleration and crisis stops.
4. Each website link of the drag chain can be opened for straightforward set up and servicing.


Technological Info:

Tensile Toughness 180N/mm² Quantity Resistance 1010-ten15Ω
Effect Energy 50KJ/m² Water Absorbency four%
Temperature Variety -40ºC~+130ºC Friction Coefficient .three
Area Resistance 10ten-tentwelveΩ Flame Retardancy HB(UL94)


Drag chain is employed in reciprocating motion, which can enjoy a role of traction and defense to the constructed-in cable, oil pipe, gas pipe, water pipe, and so forth.  Drag chain has been widely employed in CNC machine resources, electronic tools, glass machinery, injection molding device manipulator, dealing with machinery, plastic equipment, lifting gear, woodworking machinery, car sector, industrial cars, steel processing machines, device instruments, casting equipment, port tools and other industries.  

The push chain is utilized to transmit mechanical power when the axle distance is short. These chains have effective lubrication. There are the adhering to three types of energy transmission chains. Slider or Bushing Chain Bushing Roller Chain Peaceful Chain
The setting in which the roller chain is utilized and the work it performs will have an effect on which roller chain is utilized and how frequently you will require to replace it. Rest confident that roller chains are one particular of the most effective and effective alternatives for electricity transmission and transportation applications. You will discover roller chains most frequently used for mechanical energy transmission in industrial equipment and merchandise conveyance all through producing facilities. Common Industries: Food, Beverage, Components, Packaging, Automotive, Metals, Development, Mining

China best Nylon Cable Drag Chain for Industrial Vehicles China Manufacturer     wholesaler